To Tahoe We Go

Roads trips can be the best trips. Being in the car with good people, good food, and good tunes (or in our case, good podcasts) is a great way to make the most out of a vacation, even if it’s local. Over the summer, my boyfriend and I took our first mini road trip together, to Lake Tahoe for a friend’s birthday. Tahoe is beautiful and the long weekend we spent there was amazing…

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but some of my favorite memories from the trip were from the time we spent in car.

On the way to Tahoe from Los Angeles, Matt and I took the speedy route so that we could get to the cabin asap. The trip was indeed speedy, but anyone that has ever taken the 5 freeway knows that it does not make for an eventful ride. Podcast and snacks were our saving grace and helped pass the time. The way back to LA was when the fun happened.

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We decided to take the 395 home, a freeway that is known for it’s scenic views and fun stops. It did not disappoint. We enjoyed beautiful mountains, empty roads, small town charm, and yummy food stops along the way.

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Just before leaving, we stopped at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Growing up, my family and I always vacationed at this resort, so going back for a brief stop was a walk down memory lane. I got to share some of these memories with Matt, which made this little pit stop even more special.

IMG_2281After Squaw Creek, one of our favorite stops was at Mono Lake where the views were stunning and the people friendly. The nearby town of Lee Vining welcomes you with smiling locals and small town charm. We ate lunch at a small BBQ restaurant called Bodie Mikes that had a beautiful view and delicious food. We left will full bellies and to-go boxes full of BBQ.

We made more stops along the way, off one lane roads that pass through small towns. We were greeted by old buildings, farm houses, cows and horses, and people that smile and strike up friendly conversations. The difference between these small towns and our massive city of Los Angeles were so striking that at one stop, we found ourselves sitting on a picnic table under a tree to just eat a snack and take in the beautiful surroundings, enjoying true peace and quiet.

Just south of Lee Vining, we passed June Lake, Mammoth and Bishop, all providing us with more stunning views and future trip destinations to add to our list. There is nothing like a road trip to show you how much you miss when you fly to your destination, instead of driving.

Road Trip #1: success


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