Dress Like a Grandma

Treasure hunting in a vintage store or at a flea market is a favorite past time for many, including myself. Finding an old dress, necklace, or piece of furniture is always an exciting moment. Who used to wear this? What home was this in? Knowing that your dresser was in the home from the 30’s is somehow much more exciting than knowing it came from the Fall 2015 IKEA catalog.

But vintage shopping is even more fun when you do it in your grandma’s attic. After my grandma passed away, my family began going through her things, finding comfort in the memories that many of them brought us. One thing that caught my eye was a jumper that had been my grandma’s when she was young. The wide legs and small waist were intimidating at first…I didn’t know if I could pull it off like she did. So for a while, it just hung in my closet.newjumper

But finally, enough was a enough. The other day, I threw on the jumper with a pair of sandals and took Spike, my boyfriend’s dog, for a walk. Wearing a vintage treasure and wondering who it belonged to in its past life is fun, but wearing a vintage treasure and knowing who it belonged to in its past life is even better.

Take Away: Don’t be afraid to dress like a grandma.

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