Lauren & Bill’s Rustic Wedding

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of helping my friend, Lauren Palotay, plan her beautiful, rustic wedding in Moorpark, California. From the beginning, Lauren had envisioned a lovely night under the stars for her wedding. So, together, we worked on bringing that vision to life.

In addition to conceptualizing the overall theme of the night, Lauren asked me to design and execute some of the details of the night and also coordinate the day of the wedding.

walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding130-XLFor the welcome table, we decided to create a DIY, custom table assignment station, using a frame we bought at the Melrose Trading post. After attaching rows of twine from one side to another, we hung tiny, hand-printed name cards from delicate pins, purchased on Etsy. This created a very whimsical and personal experience for guests as they found their names and table after the ceremony.  I also added some framed photos of the bride and groom, beautiful flowers arranged by Brooke Foley, and a welcome chalkboard alongside the frame. Apple crates are a great addition to a table if you want to create some height and add dimension to the space.
walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding135-XL (3)


Bill and Lauren picked a delicious Dark and Stormy as the signature drink for their guests, in addition to the wine and beer served throughout the night. I designed and executed the chalkboard art to be placed on the bar alongside some flowers. For all of the chalkboard art created for this event, I used a chalkboard pen, purchased at Michaels, rather than traditional chalk. This gave me the ability to produce more detail without being bothered by pesky chalk dust.

walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding173-XL (2)


During our flea market treasure hunt, Lauren and I purchased some vintage soda bottles to display on the drink table. Flea markets are great places to find little treasures that add sweet and original details to an event. I put flowers in the bottles we purchased and then placed them alongside the baskets of limes and lemons on the table.



One of my favorite details from the wedding was the vintage suitcase I transformed into a guest book. After cleaning the suitcase and giving it a little bit of TLC by gluing the edges and adding a custom “Leave A Note” banner, it was placed on the guest book table where guest were encouraged to write a note to the bride and groom and drop in the trunk. I put the trunk alongside framed photos of Lauren and Bill throughout the years that gave guests an opportunity to browse some memories as they filled out cards for the guest book.




One of the most featured tables of the night was the dessert table, prominently placed on the stage by the bride and groom. This table was filled with delicious treats including Sweet Arleen’s cupcakes, homemade cookies, pies, scones contributed by Lauren’s friends, and decadent macaroons from Bottega Louie.walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding248-XL With so many beautiful desserts, I wanted to make sure each of them was displayed just as beautifully.

For the cookies, I used a desk drawer that I lined with white napkins and marked with chalk board labels. The desk drawer was taken from my own home desk! I love to see if I can incorporate pieces that I already own into events like this. walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding244-XL

The delicious pies were brought by some friends of Lauren and Bill and were displayed on various plates and cake stands. I used some of my own and found others at HomeGoods, a great location to find affordable treasures for events. Using mismatched plates added a more eclectic feel to the table.walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding262-XL

The macaroons were placed in another vintage suitcase, also purchased at the Melrose Flea Market. While the suitcase came a little bit worn and dirty, some cleaning and super glue brought it back to life.walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding264-XL I lined the suitcase with white, linen napkins and made sure to add the Bottega Louie bow so that guests would know where the cookies came from.  Again, I used apple crates to add height and dimension also giving me little nooks to place desserts and flowers.


walnut-grove-romantic-rustic-wedding1382-XLLauren and Bill’s special day was not only beautifully designed and executed, but also a beautiful commitment of love by two dear friends who I am so happy to see now living life as husband and wife. I was honored to play a part in bringing Lauren’s rustic wedding vision to life and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Bill and Lauren as they live their new life together in marital bliss.

All of the photos displayed in this post were taken by the lovely ladies at Sun and Sparrow. Check out their dreamy wedding photography at